Immigration law in the United States is very complicated, and it can change with new legislation at any time. Thus, when you’re trying to figure out how to become a US citizen or how to extend your work visa, you will most likely need sound legal advice from a New York immigration attorney. Zohar Law, a New York immigration law firm, offers immigration services to those who either need help themselves, or those who are helping family members with their immigration status. Below are just a few of the many wonderful immigration services we provide. Contact us today for a free immigration consultation!


Green Card Services

Green Cards are what give non-US citizens the right to work and live in the United States on a permanent basis. However, due to the demand for Green Cards and US law that limits not only the number of Green Cards issued, but also stipulates the conditions one must meet, this process can be lengthy with many hurdles along the way you’ll have to overcome. However, there is hope, and with a top-notch New York immigration lawyer by your side, we can help ease the burden of this process.

Deportation Help

Deportation Help

If you’re an immigrant faced with deportation, it can be a scary time. After all, you may have fled a war torn country, or you may feel your life would be in danger should you return. Our immigration attorneys can help aggressively defend you if you are facing deportation.

Non-Immigrant Visas

A non-immigrant visa is what it sounds like: a visa that is for those who do not want to permanently settle in the United States, but they do want to come here for various reasons. Common non-immigrant visas include work visas, student visas, tourist visa, business arrangement visa, or a visa to receive medical treatment. Our truste New York immigration lawyers can help.

H-1B Visas

The letters to different visas are often confusing to those outside of immigration law. However, the H-1B visa is used by employers who wish to employ foreign nationals for an extended period of time. However, the United States strictly controls the number of these visas that are issued under immigration law and obtaining one can be a long and difficult process. Luckily, when you partner with Zohar Law for help with H-1B visas, we can help you through the application process.

K1 Visas

K-1 Visas

K-1 visas are for those who are looking to bring their fiance over to the United States. This is for US citizens who are scheduled to marry a foreign national. A K-1 visa must be used within 90 days of entry of the person (meaning you have 90 days to marry). Once the marriage has been completed, the process of becoming a permanent resident begins. Do note that spouses of United States citizens do receive preference when it comes to immigration law, and these cases usually move forward quickly.

L-1 Visas

L-1, or intracompany transfer visas, are used when a person works for a multinational company and receives a role with their employer in the United States. For instance, if you are working in Paris for a big company and you receive a promotion to a role in the United States, your employer can obtain a L-1 visa for you. These non-immigrant visas do have a time limit, depending on your role, and of course there are other stipulations that must be met. Do note that the employee’s spouse is eligible to come over and work as well under a L-2 visa. Our New York immigration lawyers can help you with a L-1 or L-2 visa.


R-1 Visas

R-1 visas are non-immigrant visas designated for religious workers looking to come to the United States to work. This is for ministers or other types of religious workers who will be employed by nonprofit religious organizations. R-2 visas are for the children and spouse of someone who has received a R-1 visa to come to the United States as well. There are many circumstances that must be met with an R-1 visa, which the immigration attorneys at Zohar Law can help with. Contact us today to learn more.


If you’ve been persecuted in another country and are fearful for your life, you can receive legal protection in the United States. People are persecuted worldwide for their religion, race, nationality, politics, or a particular social group. Refugees are different than those seeking asylum, since asylum implies protection from a certain threat, namely their country. Refugees are those fleeing their country because they are afraid of harm, but they are not necessarily being forced from their country like asylum seekers. The waters can become murky quickly with regards to asylum and refugee law; thus, partnering with a stellar immigration attorney in New York gives you the best chances of expediting your immigration status.

Waivers of Ineligibility

Waivers of ineligibility are for those who have been denied a visa for entry into the United States for various reasons, but who believe they are qualified. This could be likened to getting a second opinion per se. Oftentimes, it’s a matter of paperwork that was missing that led to the denial. Zohar Law’s trustworthy immigration lawyers can help with waivers of immigration in New York.

VAWA Green Cards

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allows abused spouses and children of US citizens or permanent residents the ability to self-petition for a Green Card (which is the right to stay here in the United States). This law allows for the person to by-pass the regular path to obtaining a Green Card, which is where the US citizen has to apply on their behalf. Well, in the case of abuse, that person may continue to abuse, holding the Green Card over them as a reason to accept the abuse. This is the work-around for that scenario. Due to the sensitive nature of this request, our confidential immigration attorneys can help you. Please contact us today if you feel you qualify for a VAWA Green Card.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJ)

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJ) is very similar to the VAWA Green Card, except this law is for children only who have been victims of abuse or abandonment. Due to the fact that the child is a minor, he or she often needs help in this process and often comes to us through the help of a concerned trusted adult. If you know of a minor who might qualify for SIJ status, please do not hesitate to reach out to our trusted New York immigration lawyers today. We have a heart for children and do offer Pro Bono work for those who qualify.


As you can see above, the United States is a compassionate country that wants to help people come to our country legally. The laws are put in place in order to help prevent abuse of the system and to control the number of immigrants coming here. While it can be very daunting and overwhelming when you are trying to receive legal status of some sort in the United States (either for you or for a loved one), Zohar Law can help.

Our amazing and talented immigration lawyers in New York have years of experience of helping people just like you obtain legal status here. We work tirelessly and diligently on your behalf. We make sure you understand the process, and we work with you every step of the way. Our ability to communicate in four languages helps us serve you even better. Let our compassionate team take the immigration headaches off your shoulders. Call us today for a free immigration consultation!

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