What Are Non-Immigration Visas?

Non-immigration visas are not for people who are looking to stay in the United States. Non-immigration visas are for people who want to be here on a temporary basis either for tourism purposes, temporary work, studies, a temporary business arrangement, or for a medical treatment. Non-immigration visas are able to allow you into the United States for a designated amount of time versus what an immigration visa is able to offer for residency. There are many types of non-immigration visas. If you are a student or a tourist who is seeking an immigration visa, then take the time to contact Zohar Law PLLC, a law office located in New York City.

What To Know About Student Visas

Student visas are immigration visas that allow you into the country to study. There are several different types of immigration visas and it depends on your education level. For instance, if you are in university, college, high school, private elementary school, a seminary, a conservatory, or are in an academic institution, then it would require an F type of visa. For vocational schools and institutions that are nonacademic, then it requires an M type of visa. When it comes to practical training that is unavailable in the country of origin, then a J type of visa is issued. There are several more types of visas and rules for students to travel into the United States, so if you or someone close to you is looking to travel into the United States as a student, then contact an immigration lawyer.

What To Know About Tourist Visas

Similarly to student visas, if you’re looking to be a tourist in America, then you need toapply for a tourist visa. Regardless for how long you plan to stay in the United States, you need to apply for a tourist visa. There are many types of tourist visas, like student visas, it comes down to why you’re coming here. If you’re coming here for pleasure and tourism, then you’ll need to obtain a category B-2 visa. If you are combing for business, then you need a B-1 visa. In addition, if you are coming here for business and pleasure, then you’ll need a combination of immigration visas.

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