What is included in the Biden Bill? ▼

The Biden Immigration Bill is an extensive bill with many parts. The main objectives of the bill are to create a clear pathway to citizenship and reform the immigration system. Some of the main proposals included:

  • Providing an 8-year pathway to citizenship for those who were here illegally before January 1, 2021. This would allow these people to apply for a legal noncitizen status immediately. After five years, these individuals would be able to apply for a green card. After holding a green card for three years, they may then apply for citizenship. This is all reliant on the individual having a clean criminal history and paying their taxes.
  • Recipients of DACA would be able to immediately apply for a green card.
  • Those here from countries on TPS would be able to immediately apply for a green card.
  • This bill would also increase per-country limits for several types of visas and remove the one-year deadline currently in place for asylum applications.
  • The Biden Bill would also allow certain individuals who were deported in the last three years under the Trump Administration to reenter the country and be reunited with their families.